Outdoor Hardscaping Services

Create a beautiful contrast for the lush greenery surrounding your home. Landscapes Unlimited installs gorgeous hardscaping features that complement the softness of plants and flowers. Paved walkways enable you to navigate the landscape without damaging vegetation, while patios provide a space where your family can rest and relax.

Beyond aesthetics, hardscapes make your landscaping functional, so you can make full use of the space around your property. Explore our services:


Extend your living space to the outdoors by installing paved patios and walkways. With paver patios, you can add features into your backyard like a kitchen or fireplace. After paving, you can work with us to install pergolas and arbors, which can house your dining area. You’ll have a beautiful, cozy nook where you can read a book, watch the kids play, and entertain guests.

Then, connect the patios to the rest of the landscape with paver walkways. Pavers provide a safe, lovely passage around the landscaped property.

Discuss your dream hardscape with our contractors, and we’ll find a way to put it together.

Landscape Lighting

Illuminate your front and backyard with subtle and strategic lighting. Each of our lighting projects is tailored to the individual property. We can install lighting for your patios, walkways, and even decks.

Our lighting fixtures are installed by hand to ensure optimum performance and a clean, polished look. We use only fixtures with handcrafted copper and cast brass exteriors to ensure long-term performance and corrosion resistance. If you prefer controlled lighting, Landscapes Unlimited will install a remote timing lighting system, which we can set to up to 250 different programs.

We also offer maintenance services to keep your landscape lighting in full glow.

Hardscape Repair

Even the sturdiest hardscapes reach the end of their lifespan, especially because they’re exposed to the elements.

Restore the beauty and functionality of your hardscapes. Landscapes Unlimited repairs the broken segments of your paved walkways and patios, so you can make full, safe use of them again. Whether you have sunken pavers, deteriorating mortar joints, or cracked stones, our landscape contractors can bring them back to good functional condition.

Why Choose Us

Out of all the professional providers of landscape services, why work with us?

Our team handles every phase of the job. Yard excavations are difficult to manage, especially if you’re not hiring a separate landscaper, designer, and builder. Here at Landscapes Unlimited, we do it all for you. From design conception to project completion, our team handles the design, planting, construction, and maintenance.

Our integrated approach saves you more time by streamlining each phase of the implementation and eliminating delays that usually come with sub-contracted hardscaping design services.

Let’s create gorgeous hardscapes in your outdoor space. Get in touch today for hardscape services in Minnesota.