Beat the Heat: 6 Tips to Keep Your Lawn Green this Summer

Brown, patchy lawns are a common problem among homeowners during the summer. Many try to keep their lawns green and well-manicured throughout this hot season by watering more frequently and investing in top-grade fertilizer.

However, there is more to summer lawn care than watering and fertilizing. You have to know when the best time of day for watering is to keep the soil hydrated. Mowing, weeding, feeding the grass, and treating for pests are all necessary to keep your lawn healthy throughout the summer and heading into the fall.

Landscapes Unlimited shares 6 practical tips for maintaining a green lawn all season long.

1. Choose the right grass

Different types of grass grow better in particular environmental conditions. Planting cool-season grasses works best in the northern climate as they will be appropriate for the growing season and temperatures, especially in the summer.

Consult a lawn care specialist to know which grass variety best suits your region and soil type.

2. Mow high

Tall grass shades the soil, preventing rapid water evaporation. This means your soil stays hydrated longer. The shade provided by the tall blades also protects the delicate root system, helping your grass grow and reach deeper into the soil. Ultimately, mowing high will give you a stronger, well-hydrated lawn.

Leave the grass clippings after mowing. These will break down and turn into fertilizer for the soil.

3. Water deeply, not frequently

One common summer lawn care misconception is that you need to water more frequently. This isn’t always the case. It’s better to water your lawn deeply. This means making sure that the water penetrates deep into the soil. You want your lawn to have at least 4 inches of moisture. You can check the level of moisture using a screwdriver or hand trowel.

However, you also want to consider your grass type. Some grasses might need more frequent watering. You also want to keep an eye on the weather. If it rains, you might not need to water at all.

Installing an irrigation system helps keep a flexible watering schedule. Use a rain gauge to measure the moisture level of the soil and determine if it needs more water.

4. Water in the early morning

Another watering trick is to do it in the early morning, ideally before sunrise. This gives the water time to sink deep into the soil without the sun drying it out. As such, your lawn stays well-hydrated, keeping it green. If you want to water deeply, water early in the morning.

5. Aerate your lawn

Aeration is a lawn maintenance trick that many people forget. Aerating your lawn makes it easier for nutrients, air, and water to penetrate the soil, reaching the roots and helping them grow stronger. Also, aeration improves soil drainage, which keeps your lawn from drowning.

Lastly, aerating helps promote the growth of healthy microorganisms, such as worms, microfauna, and microflora.

6. Feed the grass

watering the grass

A slow-release fertilizer will give your lawn the nutrients it needs to stay green and healthy. Feeding strengthens the roots of your grass, helping your lawn withstand the harsh weather.

It takes about six to eight weeks for your soil to process the feed. Fertilize your lawn at regular intervals to replenish the nutrients. This will help the grass grow thick, keeping the soil prime and crowding out weeds.

You’ll need a reliable expert partner to help you take care of your lawn in this brutal season. A landscaping company will give you care tips tailored to your unique lawn needs, from the best fertilizer to the most effective watering schedule.

High-Quality Landscape Care Services

Landscapes Unlimited offers a range of lawn care services, helping homeowners keep their yards green and beautiful all year. We provide planting, snow removal, and lawn irrigation services in Minneapolis and surrounding communities.

Call us today to schedule a consultation or to request for an estimate.

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