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One of the many trends in today’s landscaping is to create outdoor kitchens. An outdoor kitchen just like indoor kitchens we have inside of our houses but made to be outside with all the bells and whistles. Also, outdoor kitchens want to be the central gathering place of the backyard for family and guests, just like their “indoor sisters” …

Why are outdoor kitchens are getting more popular and more sophisticated?

For the last decade, homeowners have started to stay at home to entertain and socialize. They take ‘Staycations’, by staying home on their vacation time. Creating outdoor rooms gives them and opportunity to extend their living areas. Creating outdoor living rooms with fireplaces and pergolas area also great examples of that trend.

Homeowners tend to eat more “al Fresco”. Custom built benches matching kitchen materials as extension of the kitchen offers opportunities for extra seating. Bar counter style seating/eating is very popular around kitchens, but also full dining farm tables, family style, is back too.

Homeowners are cooking more and more sophisticated dishes. To do that, multiple cooking surfaces are needed. Options are gas or charcoal grills, ceramic smokers, pizza ovens, and outdoor grade appliances like fridges that can stay outdoor year around.

What it takes for a good working outdoor kitchen:

  • Easy access from house or another outdoor room or pool area.
  • Good layout for easy and practical cooking like an indoor kitchen layout.
  • Well thought out seating for entertaining and socializing. Island seating, Bar seating, or patio and dining furniture.
  • Good lighting for evening/night use. It will include a low voltage lighting system within the surrounding landscape. It will extend the use of the space and make it safe and integrated to the rest of the garden.
  • Install in-ground electrical/gas wiring for appliances, gas fireplaces, and speakers before hardscape installation.
  • Vegetable/herb garden or raised beds next to cooking area. Raised bed walls could be designed for seating opportunity as well.
  • Wood structures like pergolas or Arbors can frame the room and give the option for a roof for weather protection.

Outdoor kitchen projects can be overwhelming at first with the layout of the space and the material options. The idea is to be able to carry the architecture of the house into the look of the surrounding landscaping. Although most of all to create a lifestyle for the homeowners.

A cozy kitchen enclosed by a pergola.
A cozy kitchen enclosed by a pergola.

The designers at Landscapes Unlimited can help you select the right layout and materials for your outdoor kitchen. We offer design, install, and management services to help you make your dream landscape a reality.

Under a deck is a great place for a sheltered outdoor kitchen.
Under a deck is a great place for a sheltered outdoor kitchen.
This kitchen was part of an outdoor pavilion for entertaining.
This kitchen was part of an outdoor pavilion for entertaining.

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