Our residential landscape maintenance services go beyond routine upkeep. At Landscapes Unlimited, our team of dedicated professionals have a passion for perfection ensuring your home’s landscaping is well cared for, maintained, and in peak performance allowing you to enjoy all of the benefits of your property without any of the hassle.


For when you’d rather enjoy your outdoors than care for it, Landscapes Unlimited’s residential lawn care services are available. 

  •  Edging | Precise edging along your sidewalks, pathways and driveways to give your property a polished and manicured look.
  • Lawn Aeration | Enhance your home’s lawn through our aeration services which improves soil structure and root development while allowing nutrients and air to penetrate deeper into your grass.
  • Lawn Fertilization | We consider your home’s soil type, grass variety and water drainage to select the proper fertilization program to maximize your lawn’s nutrient needs for a richer, more vibrant and healthy landscape.
  • Lawn Seeding | Whether new lawns in need of grass or for existing lawns that need enhancement, our seeding services tackle every home to promote a thick and luscious lawn!
  • Sod Installation | Our team can install beautiful lush sod for an instantly green and gorgeous lawn.

One of our highest recommended services, that often gets overlooked, plant health care is vital in retaining the lush and vibrant beauty of your home’s plants. Our Plant Health Care (PHC) services are designed to be easily available, cost-effective and low maintenance for you. 

  • Plant Assessments | Not sure what is needed to maintain the value of your home’s plants? Our certified  horticulturists conduct a thorough assessment of your property and plants to identify areas of potential risk from diseases, pest infestations, nutrient deficiencies and more ensuring your plants remain beautiful and healthy for the foreseeable future.
  • Disease & Pest Management | Our proactive treatments help prevent and control plant diseases and pest infestations before they take root. Our environmentally conscious and safe methods are great ways to protect your plants.
  • Plant Protection | Landscapes Unlimited wants to ensure your home’s plants stand the test of time with our signature plant protection services. These comprehensive services are tailored to your plant’s needs and range from wildlife control and rejuvenation efforts to mulching and soil protection offerings.
  • Fertilization | Customized fertilization plans are created based on your home’s unique needs to revitalize and ensure your plants receive the proper nutrient levels to promote growth and resilience.
  • Long Term Care | Landscapes Unlimited’s team offers long-term plant health care that takes into account your landscapes entire ecosystem from the individual plants to their interactions with other elements like soil, climate, surrounding vegetation, drainage and more. 
  • Pruning | Pruning services manage the shape and health of your shrubs, hedges and ornamental plants to promote new growth and ensure a more vibrant blooming season.
  • Deadheading Services |  remove wilted or faded flowers from your plants to enhance the overall appearance of your garden, while also encouraging new blooms.

Leave the stress of cleaning up your property to our experienced professionals who can quickly spruce up your home’s landscaping no matter the season!

Spring Clean-Up | Our detail-orientated team is ready to kickstart your landscaping with our spring clean-up services that include debris removal, pruning and trimming (if applicable), mulching, bed edging and more!

Summer Clean-Up Spend less time maintaining your landscape and more time enjoying it with our summer clean-up services that include weeding, fertilization, lawn mowing, and more.

Fall Clean-Up | Prepare your property for winter with our experienced team of fall clean-up experts. From leaf removal, perennial cutbacks, lawn aeration, irrigation and plant winterization and more to ensure your home’s landscaping can withstand our Midwest winter.

Winter Clean-Up |  Protect your landscaping investment by protecting susceptible plants from freezing temperatures and de-icing mixtures with our winter clean-up and preparedness services.

Our comprehensive tree care services are designed by our licensed arborists to ensure your home’s tree remains healthy, safe and beautiful year-round.

Tree Pruning & Trimming | Our experts are trained to assess and trim trees with exact precision to remove dangerous or dead limbs. Pruning also assists in promoting overall tree health reducing the risk of disease, damage to your property or insect infestations.

Tree Planting or Transplanting | Enhance your property with beautiful trees exactly where you want or need it most. With our expert’s advice on tree selection and placement, your home’s aesthetics can be enhanced with a variety of customizable solutions, to include:

  • Add shade
  • Increase sun exposure to your home or property
  • Memoralize a loved one
  • Reduce your risk of soil erosion
  • Add a wind or privacy barrier
  • Meet your HOA or city requirements
  • Add seasonal color or dimension to your property
  • And More!
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