Seasonal Maintenance

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Seasonal Maintenance

Every landscape requires some amount of maintenance to keep it looking tidy and healthy. Landscapes Unlimited offers Spring and Fall maintenance services for our current clients to ensure that you continue to love your landscape long after we have finished your initial project. Our Landscape experts can put together a stellar maintenance plan specific to your property and your needs. Below are some considerations for your seasonal maintenance program.

Fall Maintenance Packages

Prepare for the winter and protect your landscape from the elements.

Fall Clean-up

  • Leaf collection
  • Cut back all non-ornamental perennials (leave ornamental grasses, hydrangea flowers, etc.)
  • Eliminate late season weeds (Chemical Treatment & “brush” cutting)

Lawn Care

  • Aeration
  • Overseeding (with a spreader)
  • Spot Treatments with black dirt and seed
  • Late season fertilization

Tree & Shrub Protection

  • Evergreen shrub burlap wrapping (All tender evergreens or evergreens 2-3 years form planting)
  • Deciduous tree trunk wrapping (young, soft barked spp. Maple, Cherry, Honeylocust, Linden etc.)
  • Late season deciduous tree planting

Irrigation and Water Feature Maintenance

  • Irrigation system shut down and blow-out
  • Water feature shut down
Spring Clean Up Maintenance Services MN

Spring Clean-up

Start off on the right foot.

  • Shrub & Rose Pruning in early Spring.
  • Remove leaf debris and old growth from perennials.
  • Treat beds and lawn with pre-emergent herbicide if needed.
  • Fertilize or add organic matter to beds.
  • Refresh mulch.
  • Divide crowded perennials.
  • Start-up water features and irrigation systems.
  • Plant cold weather crops & trees.

Importance of Home Lawn Maintenance

All-season lawn maintenance does more than giving your home a pretty lawn; it also protects your property. An unkempt yard overrun by tree limbs and weeds provides thieves more hiding spots and increases your risk for trips and falls. Regular trimming of your shrubbery gives you a clear view of your yard (and unwelcome guests!), as well as protects anyone from accidents.

Professional yard care services also keep your lawn healthy. Regular pruning prolongs the life of your plants by removing diseased, weak, or dead stems, roots, or limbs before they start to rot and affect the plants’ overall health.

Finally, investing in residential landscape maintenance raises your property value. A beautiful yard easily attracts homebuyers since it emphasizes the aesthetics of your home without the need to invest in redoing the lawn.

Why Work with Landscapes Unlimited?

There are numerous providers of professional lawn care and maintenance services; why should you choose Landscapes Unlimited?

Educated Experts at Your Service

Residential lawn maintenance may be regarded as a form of artistic expression, but our team is well-versed in the science behind it. Our team uses proven techniques and advanced lawn care equipment to make sure your yard is free from weeds and pests.

Personalized Service

Our services are not written in stone. We are always willing to customize what we offer to suit our customers’ needs in terms of home aesthetics, schedules, and budget. Let us know during the consultation, and we’ll personalize your lawn care plan.

Licensed Team

Our crew is composed of certified landscaping specialists, all of whom we screened and interviewed thoroughly before employment. We only work with people who are experts in the field and are passionate about serving you.

Details Matter

We’ve heard of lawn care companies focused more on getting the job done quickly over quality work. A rushed job tends to overlook the small (yet very important!) details. Our team also prioritizes your satisfaction, which is why we clean up after ourselves, take out the trash, and lock your gate once the day is over.

Keep your lawn in good condition — no matter the season! Get in touch with us today to book a service or learn more about our home lawn care services.