Paver Driveway | A Versatile Alternative to Concrete

For driveways, many homeowners would consider poured concrete as the standard choice. However, concrete can not only be boring, but it is known to crack, can be hard to repair, and is prone to staining. Therefore, if you are considering replacing your driveway, consider the advantages that a brick paver driveway provides. Because of the unique benefits they offer over concrete, brick paver driveways are common among many homeowners. Here’s a quick look at some of the special reasons to avoid using a concrete driveway to pick driveway brick pavers.

paver driveway stain resistance

Staining is a common problem with concrete driveways. Oil and other leaked fluids will permanently cover your concrete driveway. If a portion of your driveway gets oil or rust stains, you can easily replace the brick pavers in that section of your driveway to make it look fresh again.

easy repairs

In addition to being easier to fix stains in brick driveways, repairs with brick paver driveways are generally much simpler. With concrete driveways, the most common problem is that they can become broken, scratched, and chipped over time. The dilemma then becomes that such issues will usually require repairing your whole driveway. It can be a large and expensive project. Where-as, each concrete paver is individual in a paver driveway and can be replaced if it gets damaged. This makes paver driveways a more cost-effective option in the long run.

slip resistance

Concrete driveways can also be quite slippery when wet. Because of their naturally textured and abrasive nature, brick pavers are more slip resistant. This ensures that, even under wet conditions, paver driveways create a stable, secure surface to walk on. This makes them the best choice for home owners living in humid climates.

a paver driveway with an environmental impact

The more environmentally friendly alternative can also be the brick driveways. Although both concrete and paver driveways require the use of new materials and resources, you can always choose to use reclaimed pavers or permeable pavers to create your driveway. Ease of repair is another environmental benefit. You are able to replace small patches of driveway rather than whole sections. Pavers can also be recycled into another project if you choose to change your driveway in the future.


Also, paver driveways are much more flexible than their concrete counterparts. The settling and shifting of the ground under the driveway, which then causes the concrete to crack, usually causes damage in concrete driveways. Nevertheless, as opposed to a solid concrete, paver driveways consist of interlocking bricks. It allows the driveway to flex with movement below it and helps it to help preserve its structural integrity.

In the long run, brick paver driveways can be less of a concern than concrete driveways, and more cost-effective. Such alternative driveway surfaces are, are better in wet conditions, are much easier to repair, and come in a variety of colors and finishes.

Consider what you want out of your ideal driveway. You should work with your hardscape contractor to come up with creative concepts that incorporate all of your needs and values. Landscapes Unlimited can help. We offer professional landscape design and install services to help you make your dream project a reality. Reach out to us today to get started.

New home New Driveway
A Woodbury, MN Home is beautifully accented with this paver driveway.
This Paver Driveway gives this home a natural stone look without the labor.

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