Paver Patio: the Foundation of Your Landscape Experience

One of the most common features requested by our clients are paver patios. Patios are the main element of your landscape. It’s important to make sure that you understand the many functions and elements that your paver patio could employ. 

How You Use Your Paver Patio

Before you start any project it is important to identify your goals.  In the case of your patio, identify what you will be using your space for and why you want one. Many people use their patios as a secondary living space. This can mean taking meals outside, a play area for kids, or a space to relax outside of the home. You may want to entertain while you enjoy the great outdoors.  Your paver patio could also be a functional space for gardening or storage. Understand how you will use your paver patio, and it will help you be decisive when designing and installing your project.

Material Considerations

There are many options for paver thickness, finishes, sealers, sizes, and patterns. This can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you are looking at.  Most pavers are interlocking. Permeable pavers are also interlocking pavers and require a slightly different installation process.

Paver finishes can be smooth to extremely rough and rustic. The way the final finish is applied is very important. Some pavers are mixed with color and aggregate mix before forming. This means that color and aggregate are spread evenly throughout the paver.  Therefore, the larger aggregate can be exposed as the surface wears, and the color tends to be less vibrant in a less expensive paver.  

A beautiful random pattern with border on this paver patio.
A beautiful random pattern with border on this paver patio.

Designing Your Paver Patio

Your site will often have the biggest impact on your final patio design. Slope, building setbacks, and easements must all be taken into account.  A good designer will take these things into consideration and do their best to alter the design or engineer the patio to give you the space you want.

The pavers you select aren’t the end for the look of your patio either. Borders and inlays are excellent ways to define or lift a space.  The pattern of your patio is also important as well. Some patterns that you could consider include, Random, 3-piece, 5-piece, Running Bond, and Herringbone.

Adding elements to your paver patio to give it a distinct purpose. Fire pits, water features, walls, and pergolas are also great for adding character and personality to your space.

The designers at Landscapes Unlimited can help you design the perfect paver patio for your needs. We offer design, install, and management services to help you make your dream landscape a reality.

Pavers can be cut to almost any shape.
Pavers can be cut to almost any shape.
Pavers can have a variety of finishes and uses.
Pavers can have a variety of finishes and uses.

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