Are you Dreaming About a Pool in your Backyard?

Enjoying a pool in your own backyard paradise is the ultimate in relaxation and fun for your family. Planning the pool correctly so it compliments your yard and home is exactly what a professional landscape designer can provide.

Why Consider a Pool Project?

There are many questions to answer when considering a pool project and at Landscapes Unlimited our designers work with clients every week who are in the market for pools and complete outdoor spaces their family can use for all seasons. The pool is the focal point of the yard and is a great way to connect with your family.

In today’s world of hectic schedules, careers and extra-curricular activities it is nice to know that once you are home you can enjoy your own vacation spot even if it is for only a few hours each evening. A swimming pool is a great way to help wind down and relax from your long day. It is also a great way to blow off some steam. Whether you are enjoying a game of marco polo with your kids or swimming laps there is no better way to exercise. The buoyance of the water will takes stress off of your joints and muscles but also provides a workout that works muscles you can’t hit at the gym.

Design Considerations

Some of the questions you need to ask yourself when entertaining the idea of a pool is who in the family will use it? If you have young kids you may want more shallow areas which will provide a safer area to push around their toy boats and explore. If teenagers are part of the equation you may want to consider a diving board, a built in basketball or volleyball net. For the sun worshipers in your family a shallow area to place your chaise lounge chairs is a great way to keep cool while soaking up some vitamin D.

Pool companies are able to design the entry point of your pool in a way that allows plenty of underwater seating or minimizes it if you prefer to turn yours into a lap pool. A good designer will listen to your thoughts on how your family plans on using the pool and incorporate these ideas into the landscape and pool design.

Vacation at Home

Growing up in Minnesota or Wisconsin it is basically a given that your family or someone in the family owns a cabin up north. A trend I have seen with clients over the last several years is spending much less time at the cabin and instead creating a retreat right in your backyard. Many families are running kids to sports and other activities during the week and weekends which pushes the family time at the cabin down on the priority list.

It is hard to bring the whole soccer or hockey team up to the cabin for a weekend but it is easy to invite them over for the day to enjoy your amazing backyard. A backyard with other features like a pavilion, outdoor kitchen and fire pit brings a lot of those same elements from the cabin home where you can enjoy it every day. There will be evenings that you don’t use the pool but listening to a waterfall while roasting marshmallows with your friends or family over a beautiful fire pit is tough to beat.

At Landscapes Unlimited we work with several of the top pool builders in the twin cities and can connect you with the company that best fits your needs. Even if you haven’t decided to take the plunge into owning a pool call us for a free consultation to discuss how a pool would fit into your backyard and lifestyle. It is no longer about just having a pool but creating an outdoor space that brings your family together for every season of the year.

Lighting can highlight your choice in pool materials.
Lighting can highlight your choice in pool materials.
Create a calm centerpiece for your backyard with a pool.
Create a calm centerpiece for your backyard with a pool.

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