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Adding Curb Appeal to Your Property

Upgrading your outdoor landscaping is one of the best things you can do for your home. Seventy-five percent of homeowners said they wanted to stay home more after making improvements to their landscaping and outdoor spaces. Landscapes Unlimited can give you the same satisfaction with our retaining wall services in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We construct segmented retaining walls that elevate the aesthetics and usability of outdoor spaces. Retaining walls are necessary for the following:

  • Creating multiple levels on properties that lie on a steep slope
  • Leveling the ground and building flat walkways on sloped grounds
  • Building stable and safe leveled decks, outdoor staircases, and walkways
  • Preventing soil erosion
  • Growing turf in more manageable segments
  • Creating elevated planters
  • Creating permanent divisions for softscapes

Customized with Hardscaping Materials of Your Choosing

Look to Landscapes Unlimited as your professional service for designing landscapes with both softscape and hardscape features. We collaborate with clients and make your vision for your outdoor spaces come to life.

We provide comprehensive retaining wall services in Minneapolis, MN, including offering a selection of wall materials. We’re confident you can find the textures, colors, and materials that will suit your project.

Quality Construction You Can Be Proud Of

Retaining walls can be a stunning focal point when they are built to impress. Sometimes, by our clients’ preference, we make them appear slightly more understated to complement the overall theme of the landscape instead of being the centerpiece of the space.

Even if a retaining wall serves a more practical than an aesthetic purpose, we build it with as much attention to quality and detail. Every inch of it will show that it’s built by professional contractors. The result is a durable retaining wall that increases your home’s curb appeal.

Improvements and additions to your home can increase its market value, but the bigger incentive to doing them is the satisfaction they can give you as a homeowner. Landscapes Unlimited can do the heavy work so you can just enjoy your best home life.

Upgrade the outdoor spaces in your property with segmented retaining walls. Get in touch with us with any questions or to request a quote.

Segmental Retaining Walls

We construct our segmental retaining walls to suit the design and distinctive look you desire for your project.  Our segmental walls are a specialty product which are constructed using block.  There are many colors and textures to choose from, or we offer the option of customization to meet your exact specifications.  Segmental walls can be a more cost effective way to obtain that highly attractive contemporary appearance.

Entrance Features

These are the most versatile of our products.  We offer a wide variety of shapes, styles, colors, and sizes.  A precast sign or column cap adds that finishing touch when incorporated into a beautiful MRW-VA stone wall.  All of the tremendous benefits found in our structural retaining wall systems are incorporated in our entrance features.

Structural Stone Retaining Walls

These stone walls are custom built utilizing the gravity wall system. Unlike other builders, we use no steel or concrete which makes this type of wall more cost-effective. We also incorporate a special grout mix design for maximum strength and durability. Each stone is hand cut and placed to create a natural, attractive look to suit your taste. Structural stone retaining walls are available in a wide variety of stone types. These wall systems can be used as an alternative to poured concrete walls and are more timely and cost-effective.

Minneapolis Boulder Walls

Boulders Walls in all shapes and sizes by Minneapolis’ trusted retaining wall contractors.

Retaining walls in Minneapolis are a relatively simple way to add aesthetically pleasing visual interest in your landscape project for your home or business. People with many hills in their yard often have a hard time using the space effectively and beautifully, especially if the hills are very steep. Retaining walls are multi-functional! If those difficult slopes are walled off properly, they become much safer as well as more attractive and usable. Terraces can be built into the retaining wall design as well for added flowers and plants which can create a lovely flowing landscape look. A variety of retaining wall materials are available so that your Richmond landscaping project can suit your style as well as compliment the exterior of your home or business.

Your safety is paramount to our retaining wall builders in Minneapolis, MN. Landscapes Unlimited will start with a proper foundation when installing your retaining wall, large or small, to avoid any buckling or shifting. We can install free-standing retaining walls, walls with seating built in terraces, segmental retaining walls (SRW), or simple garden walls to help keep your plants safe from unwanted visitors. For a more natural look, we can install a boulder wall using various sizes of rock and put in plants such as creeping sedum to continue the natural look.

Retaining Walls can also be combined with the following:

The Benefits of Retaining Walls

  • Flood control – Retaining walls reduce the damage that sudden floods and soil erosion can do to your property.
  • Stabilize foundations – If your house stands on a steep slope, retaining walls help reinforce the soil underneath.
  • Aesthetic boundary markers – Retaining walls can mark the edges of your property while blending seamlessly with the environment.
  • Increase property value – Well-built retaining walls have a high aesthetic value. They can boost your property’s curb appeal and attract buyers.

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Choose Minnesota’s Top Contractor for Retaining Walls

Landscapes Unlimited is the best company to hire for retaining wall construction in Minnesota. Our experienced contractors and project managers proudly give you a team of diligent, smart, and hard-working builders.

No matter where your retaining walls stand, whether they’re in the periphery or half-hidden under thriving shrubs, they serve to impress and satisfy your high standards.

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