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Lawn Irrigation and Sprinklers

A lawn irrigation system in Minneapolis, MN save water and time. A Hunter Irrigation sprinkler system gives you back your leisure time by eliminating the chore of dragging a hose around your property. Our water-smart irrigation systems use up to 70% less water than manual efforts, substantially reducing your summer water bill. We design our systems to achieve responsible water use goals.

1.  You Talk, We Listen. Free Client Consultation & Quote

Understanding your goals when you are considering the installation of an automatic sprinkler irrigation system is an essential part of Landscapes Unlimited client consultation process. We guide you through the critical considerations inherent in the planning, design, installation and trouble-free operation of an in-ground sprinkler irrigation system. We’re then are able to recommend the custom designed, in-ground sprinkler irrigation system that meets your current and future needs.

2.  Free Expert Sprinkler System Design

After the initial consultation, our experienced sprinkler system design consultants use their vast knowledge of lawn irrigation services in Minneapolis to deliver a fully designed sprinkler system that will achieve your irrigation goals, now and into the future.

3.  The Right Sprinkler System at the Right Price

Working within your budget is important when designing a lawn irrigation system. Our professional lawn irrigation consultants are experts at designing an irrigation system that not only performs well, but also fits your budget while delivering the desired results.

4.  Professional Sprinkler Installation

Landscapes Unlimited has installed thousands of lawn sprinkler irrigation systems – from small to commercial – throughout Minneapolis & St Paul area and we employ a time-proven sprinkler system installation methodology. Our best-practices-based sprinkler installation in Minnesota ensures that the designed system will perform optimally and last for many, many years. As part of the process, Landscapes Unlimited directs and manages the entire installation lifecycle including the permitting process, Utility notifications, post-installation inspections and more. Our goal is to ensure minimum disruption during the entire process.

5.  Sprinkler System Training & Knowledge Transfer

Landscapes Unlimited wants you to obtain the maximum benefits possible from your investment in your new lawn sprinkler and irrigation system, so we provide a training and knowledge transfer session after each installation is complete to fully explain the operation of your new system and teach you the finer points so you can get the most out of your new irrigation system.

6.  Landscapes Unlimited-annual Service & Ongoing Maintenance

Lawn irrigation systems require two services per year in our area, spring activation, and fall winterization. It may also be necessary to occasionally tune and adjust sprinkler the sprinklers heads from time to time. Landscapes Unlimited offers online bi-annual service notification and confirmation, and you can contact our locally based customer service representatives via phone, email or our online contact form.

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