Rock and Mulch Landscaping Benefits and Ideas

People often ask which is better for landscaping – rock or mulch. Well, both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the setting, one may be more suited than the other for your area. But you don’t necessarily need to make a choice between these two.

One thing we absolutely love about rock and mulch is how well they work together to create beautiful landscapes all while retaining their strong suits.

Benefits of Rock and Mulch Landscaping

  • Plant Growth – When done well, a combination of both rock and mulch can help your plants grow better. Rocks can keep weeds away while mulch provides a better environment to supply nutrients for your plants and trees to enjoy.
  • Weed Control – One of the things both rock and mulch do well is preventing those pesky weeds from growing in any chosen area.
  • Maintenance – You’ll hardly ever need to replace rocks in landscapes. Although depending on the type of mulch, you may have to replace it once every 1-4 years. Still, neither should be much of a bother in terms of maintenance.
  • Erosion – Both rock and mulch are excellent for preventing soil erosion. They help keep healthy soil stable where it is.
  • Water Conservation – Compared to an-all grass landscape, rock and mulch can definitely reduce your time and money spent on watering.

Rock and Mulch Landscaping Ideas

Now that you’re convinced just how amazing the combination of rock and mulch can be for your landscape, you’re probably wondering how best to use this combination. Don’t worry, here are some tried and tested design ideas that can make any outdoor space look and feel spectacular.

Rock Path

Starting off with a classic: rock paths are a great way to showcase both rock and mulch in your landscape. Whether you use huge slabs of rocks or many smaller rocks grouped together to mark every step, the choice is up to you. This is a functional design where you highlight the path while also protecting the surrounding plant life from foot traffic.

The Gradient

This is best used if you have a grass lawn, too. The idea is to transition between plant to concrete using rock and mulch. First, you have your grass, then the mulch, then the rocks, before you reach the concrete. It’s a perfect way to add separation in your landscape. It also gives the plants adequate room to grow.

Dash of Color

Rocks don’t just come in shades of gray, in the same way that plants don’t all come in green. Find out what colors of rocks are perfect for your landscape project and pair it with a mulch type that’s just as perfect. A bit of color may completely change the look and breathe new life into your design.

Third Dimension

Make the most of how rocks can create designs and structures that rise from the ground. A large stone accent may suit your landscape or maybe some rock pieces to sit on. Add a bit of dimensionality to your design.


Whether it’s a wall, a driveway, or the base of a tree, you can use mulch and rock to create borders around them to give enough room for both the plants and the design. Using borders also highlights the greener parts of your landscape.

For more landscaping ideas, contact us at (651) 216-2883. Our designers are always ready to help out. You can also request an estimate for our landscaping services in Minneapolis.

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