Best Practices for Maintaining Landscaping During Summer

Summer is one of the most punishing seasons for your lawn and greenery. It’s a time where you must keep an eye on your plants to make sure they continue to thrive despite the heat. Summer is a minefield of droughts and heatwaves, all of which can take their toll on your lawn. Here are some best practices to maintain your landscape in summer.

Summer-Loving Plants

Consider having beautiful plants and flowers put in that love the summer sun during late spring. This guarantees your garden and yard look amazing by the time summer comes around. Consider these wonderful specimens as additions to your garden.

  • Cosmos are hardy and use relatively less water and compost. They thrive in nutrient-deficient soil and yield vibrantly colored blooms.
  • Petunia flowers are perfect for putting in planters and on windowsills, giving you brightly colored flowers.
  • Zinnias bloom best under bright sunlight, making them ideal summer plants. These vibrant blooms also attract pollinators like bees and butterflies to your garden.

Best Watering Practices for Summer

The combination of dry air and lack of water during summer can wilt your lawn fast. It’s vital you know and practice the best methods for watering your lawn in the hot months ahead.

  • Be mindful of how often you water your lawn. Drought can force water restrictions on your community, and you should do your best to follow them. Watering your lawn once a week is enough.
  • Water your lawn for an hour, to saturate the ground with at least one inch of moisture. This will be enough to keep the ground wet and healthy.
  • Account for the weather before you water your lawn. If there’s been a rainstorm or a shower, adjust accordingly so you use less water or not water your lawn at all.

How to Mow Your Lawn During Summer

You may be tempted to constantly cut your grass during the summer, but expert landscaping service providers will tell you that this is not a good idea. Here are the reasons for not mowing your lawn too often or too low during the summer.

  • Mowing your lawn too often decreases the moisture-retaining ability of your turf which leads to parched ground and wilted grass
  • Cutting your grass too short hinders their ability to gather sunlight, which in turn lowers chlorophyll production. This creates unsightly brown swatches in your turf. Ideally, the height of your grass should be approximately 3.5 to 4 inches.

Fertilizing Your Lawn

Arrange when you plan on fertilizing your lawn carefully. The right amount of fertilizers is one of the best ways for ensuring your lawn remains healthy despite the summer heat. However, the timing must be perfect. Here are some considerations for fertilizing your landscaping.

  • Apply fertilizers at least one month before the hottest period of the summer months. The fresh influx of nutrients will encourage new growth and sprouts. This kind of growth will not survive the summer heat so it’s essential to coax them before that time.
  • Do not overfertilize your turf and plants. This will only cause permanent damage to your greenery. Use fertilizer calculators to determine how much of the substance you should be using.

Vacation Plans and Your Lawn

Finally, remember your lawn when planning out-of-town trips and vacations. If you’re planning on going on vacation for more than three days, make plans for someone to investigate the well-being of your landscaping. Leave a clearly written schedule of your established lawn care routines: watering duration, mowing schedule, and pruning or trimming.

Taking care of your lawn is a complex but highly rewarding activity. However, it can be very difficult to do it yourself during the summer, especially if your schedule is full vacation plans and other fun summertime activities. Instead of sweating under the sun yourself, you should entrust your lawncare maintenance to reliable service providers in your area.

Expert Lawncare Providers in Minneapolis

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