As a resident land of 10,000 lakes water elements hold a special place in our hearts. Water elements add a sense of serenity, create a beautiful focal point and provide a natural ambiance to any landscape. 

As a company, our skilled design and build team considers all elements of your landscape and customizes a water element that blends with your home and landscaping. Big or small, we do it all at Landscapes Unlimited!

 Fountains come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes, allowing them to easily enhance your landscape. From tiered fountains, basalt towers to bubbling natural stone and beyond – the possibilities are endless!

The perks of adding a water fountain to your property are quite numerous as they offer a multitude of health benefits and property enhancements, including:

  • Enhanced Cooling Effect | During the hot summers the water fountain can create a cooling effect around your outdoor space.
  • Visual and Auditory Privacy | Hate hearing every work your neighbors say? Fountains can create a sense of intimacy and privacy by subtly masking sounds from neighbors or nearby roads.
  • Low Maintenance | Many water fountain options available are low-maintenance to minimize water consumption and upkeep.
  • Relaxation | The soothing sounds of a water fountain can ease away the day’s stress and create a peaceful oasis in your backyard.
  • Attracts Wildlife | Fountains are an easy element to add to attract birds and other wildlife to your property.
  • And So Much More!

When considering a drainage or dry creek bed installation, always consult a landscaping professional to ensure your new improvement runs effectively and addresses your property’s unique needs. 

Besides the aesthetic properties gained from a dry creek bed installation, your home and property can also receive the following benefits:

  • Water Management | Drainage and dry creek beds help manage water runoff to ensure your home and property aren’t damaged due to heavy rain or winter snow melt.
  • Erosion Control | This element effectively controls soil erosion by directing water and runoff towards an aesthetic and designated path, preventing your property from being washed away.
  • Flood Prevention | A well-designed drainage system or dry creek bed can prevent flooding, stagnant water from gathering or from your basement flooding by diverting excess water away from vulnerable areas.
  • Drought Tolerance | Who would consider this water element for the dryer months? When in fact, the design of a dry creek bed can provide attractive, low-maintenance and drought-resistant landscaping features for all seasons.
  • Minimize Standing Water | Reduce the risk of the unofficial Midwest “bird”, the mosquito, from thriving by installing a drainage or dry creek bed to help eliminate areas of standing water.

Imagine stepping out your door to the serene sight of colorful aquatic life darting about. The installation of a pond on your property can transform your outdoor space into a captivating place for you and your family to enjoy.

Ponds allow for a creative and educational output where aquatic plants, fish and other wildlife can flourish. Well-designed ponds can also establish a reprieve from the hustle and bustle away from your home, with the tranquil selection of shoreline edging and vegetation.

With its natural beauty, the customization options available to you allow you a one-of-a-kind pond design where you can unwind, connect with nature and create cherished memories with your loved ones.

A pool is the ultimate source of fun in the sun. Offering a refreshing escape from summer’s warmth, pools make an inviting addition to any home’s exterior. Whether you are looking to add one to swim laps for exercise, splash about with your friends and family or simply lounge by the water’s edge, a pool becomes your personal oasis of enjoyment. 

Landscapes Unlimited offers tailored designs ranging from traditional to natural and even modern concepts.

Add the soothing sound of running water with an attractive focal point when you choose to add a waterfall feature to your landscape. These features come in a variety of size options, with a multitude of materials to select from, ensuring your waterfall blends seamlessly with your home and landscape. Inquire about adding a waterfall to your pond or pool for added appeal!

Want to enjoy your landscaping no matter the time or season? Ask Landscapes Unlimited about incorporating a hot tub or spa slab into your landscaping. Our professional landscape designers will work with you to design a space for you to relax and enjoy your hot tub or outdoor spa that suits your preferences, space and budget. Our hot tub landscaping services include:

  • Privacy Solutions | Your design can include a number of different privacy solutions such as screens, fences, pergolas or natural barriers of hedges or plants to create a secluded oasis for you to enjoy.
  • Decking or Structures | If you are seeking to keep your hot tub covered from the elements, our team can design a deck or pergola structure that blends with your home’s aesthetic while ensuring a year-round space for you to enjoy.
  • Patios or Hardscapes | From elegant stone to paver patios, the surface under your hot tub is just as vital as how you get to it. Our team of designers can create beautiful, slip-resistant surfaces to maximize your enjoyment of your outdoor spa.
  • Ambiance Lighting | Elevate your hot tub with our ambient lighting options. With a variety of lighting options available, we have a safe and elegant solution for your hot tub space.
  • Planting or Softscapes | No matter if you want to conceal your hot tub’s accessories or create your own private relaxation destination, our team of designers can offer their expert advice when introducing the lush plantings, flowers or shrubs into your hot tub area. Consider low-maintenance or hardier plant options to enhance your outdoor space.

Effortlessly manage rainwater runoff while preventing soil erosion with a beautiful and environmentally conscious rain garden design.

As a company located in the state of 10,000 lakes, we take our shorelines seriously. Our custom shoreline design blends the beauty of your natural surroundings with the specific needs of your lake and shoreline. Whether that includes erosion control, native plantings, recreational features such as boating docks or seating areas to increase the useable space available to you.

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