What started as a simple venture to escape his sisters’ attention, turned into the origin story of Landscapes Unlimited. “It started with myself and wheelbarrow”, reminisces Chris Holmgren, founder and CEO of the company, “I had to work for everything I wanted, so I took on odd jobs throughout my neighborhood to start earning my own way and getting a taste of my own independence.” 

Growing up as the only son in a house surrounded by sisters, Chris quickly learned that he needed to find his own sanctuary, and for him, that escape was the great outdoors. “I often found myself looking out the window at the house across the street with it’s maintained garden beds and neatly cut grass, and that spurred an idea.” From sunup to sundown, Chris was determined to stay outside as much as possible. The opportunity to see his hard work appreciated and the taste of independence, captivated his entrepreneurial spirit. 

Whether that was finding opportunities in his neighborhood to earn his own way through mowing, raking or weeding, Chris enjoyed the independence and freedom that came from his hard work.


Throughout high school, Chris devoted himself to a singular goal: turn his humble savings into a means of achieving independence. He pinched his pennies until soon after years of careful saving, a remarkable milestone was reached. 

Upon graduating high school, Chris used the money he saved mowing lawns to purchase a small truck and trailer. 

“The inspiration grew from there,” Chris reflects. With the acquisition of the truck and trailer, the wheels of his entrepreneurial spirit were set in motion. Marking the beginning of what would become the heart and soul of Landscapes Unlimited. 

Armed with newfound assets, Chris set out to expand his operations. He invested in tools and equipment, countless hours were spent fine-tuning his knowledge of plants, soil and hardscape materials. 

Yet, perhaps the most memorable part of this journey was the hundreds of thousands of steps he took, quite literally, knocking on doors. Slowly, but steadily, the founding of Landscapes Unlimited took shape. It was built on the foundation of hard work, determination and a commitment to both appreciate and respect the independence and attention the great outdoors can offer us.

"Coming from a place with just myself and a wheelbarrow to adding one, two, three employees to where we are now. It is incredible to see!"
Chris H.
Founder & CEO
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