The temperatures are dropping meaning it is time for all homeowners with outdoor spaces or landscaping to prepare their property for the winter season. Check out our compiled list of tips and tricks to maximize your home’s investment throughout winter!

  • Create De-Icing Barriers

    | Erect physical barriers to prevent excess de-icing materials or snow from spreading. Great barriers include snow fencing, straw/hay or even temporary edging and is a cost-effective way to minimize soil contamination from de-icing materials.
    NOTE: Protect your community’s water by adding extra barriers around storm drains.

  • De-Icing Materials & Maintenance

    | Select the correct de-icing material for your property and be sure to sweep up any remaining de-icing materials to avoid soil or groundwater contamination.

  • Monitor Your Drainage

    | Utilize the recent rain to notice where puddles form or how the water flows to pinpoint problem areas where ice may gather for this winter.

  • Repair & Seal Hardscapes

    | To minimize frost heaving or erosion from de-icing materials, repair any cracks and seal your concrete before the snow flies. This will minimize the risk of heaving, cracks or separating of your surfaces.

  • Spring Planting Prep

    | Now is the optimum time to plant spring-flowering bulbs, such as tulips or daffodils, before the ground freezes. This allows them to establish their roots and helps prepare for a vibrant display come spring.

  • Cut Back Perennials

    | Trimming back your perennials now, when they are in their dormant season, helps prevent diseases and pest infestations from forming. It also encourages stronger and more robust regrowth come spring!

  • Winterize Your Irrigation

    | Avoid pipe ruptures and prevent freezing by winterizing your home’s irrigation system.

  • Lighting Tune-Up
    | No one wants to change a light bulb in the freezing cold! Guarantee safe and efficient lighting throughout the darker months with a diagnostics and maintenance check by Landscapes Unlimited.

  • Clear Out Garden Beds

    | Clear out dead plants, leaves and other debris from your garden beds to prevent overwintering pests or diseases from taking root.

  • Protect Your Delicate Plants | Move or cover any delicate plants to prevent freezing this winter. Adding mulch as insulation is another great cost-effective option to ensure your plant’s survival and health. Landscapes Unlimited has several options of mulch available for immediate protection of your plants.

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