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The days get longer. The temperatures get hotter. Once again, the birds can be heard outside, chirping when you wake up. It can only mean one thing: Spring has arrived — and with it a fresh chance to tackle your Spring maintenance early.

From trendy new plantings to budding flower beds to a lush, enviable green lawn, spring landscaping doesn’t have to remain a dream wish list. However, it shouldn’t necessarily. With a few professional spring landscaping ideas, homeowners can update the current blueprint of their yards through simple maintenance strategies or improve their lawns and landscaping beds.

Whatever is on your radar, we’ve compiled 3 fresh ideas to revitalize your spring landscaping.

1. Spring Maintenance for TREES AND SHRUBS

Starting with a staple of most yard types, great spring landscaping: trees and shrubs.

Often overlooked, trees and shrubs can draw your eyes to specific spots on your lawn, enhance the characteristics of hard and soft landscaping and provide a complete finished feel for any outdoor space. They are also about shape as much as they are about function.

Tall shrubs can be sculpted around a property’s perimeter to serve as a natural-looking fence or as partitions within a yard to enhance privacy. Similarly, on a warm spring afternoon, the character and beauty trees lend a lawn are enhanced by their shade. Whether you are planning to plant a new type of tree or want to take better care of your beloved ones already shading your backyard, you should know how to revitalize them.

After the wear and tear of a long winter, it is important to inspect the health of your trees and shrubs. Stay on the lookout for a number of common seasonal effects, or search for advice and support with the following steps with a tree and shrub care specialist. Common pests and conditions in Minnesota that you should look out for include apple scab, sunscald & winter dessication, animal and insect feeding, and mite damage to new growth. Overgrown trees and shrubs should be rejuvenation pruned and pruned for structure by a professional.

Like your grass, for optimal health, trees and shrubs require surface and deep-root fertilization. For these types of plants, there are tons of specially made fertilizers, each containing formulas that suit their exact nutritional needs. Fertilizing the trees and shrubs will also reduce the risk of infestations of insects or infectious diseases, and at the same time these plants are strengthened by environmental stressors.


The next thing on the maintenance list for spring landscaping brings a little life to your lawn. In combination with the compositional changes of constantly frozen soil, the rain and snow saturation of winter means that your spring lawn would be fresh fertilizer-free.

The best option for serious spring landscapers is companies offering professional lawn fertilization in northwest Indiana. An enthusiastic “do – it-yourself” may follow the same general steps, but the knowledge of a fertilizer ensures that you get the best quality products, techniques of implementation and certified protection for your lawn. You will have one less thing to worry about and stress about, and it is possible that using a professional will lead to increased grass growth and a healthy lawn.

Having a professional inspect and start-up your irrigation system is essential to avoiding water and plant issues during the season.
Having a professional inspect and start-up your irrigation system is essential to avoiding water and plant issues during the season.


Most people forget to regularly check their sprinkler systems for their yard and garden area. After all the hard work that has been put into planning, planting, and tending a spring landscaping project, the final step is a properly functioning irrigation system to keep your yard in the condition you want.

Top specialists in irrigation systems install sprinkler systems specifically for the needs of your yard. Without over watering, the best irrigation systems can be automated to target specific areas. Such systems also come with service in spring and summer during their peak use times, as well as maintenance in the off-season.

System Startup

Test and change main sprinkler heads before their first use in the spring. Also check your water controller and water pressure, and make any repairs necessary, particularly after a tough winter.

Cross-Connection and Backflow Testing

Irrigation systems must comply with the water flow requirements set out in state and local legislation. Severe consequences can occur if the backflow preventer of your water system does not re-allocate water to the appropriate water treatment plant or department in the district. In particular, older water systems may face challenges of erosion, chemical build-up and moisture, all of which will affect your system’s reliability and efficiency.

Consider hiring a professional to perform all of your Spring maintenance needs and keep your landscape functioning at it’s highest level . If you are looking for help keeping your landscape looking its best Landscapes Unlimited can help. We offer design, install, and management services to help you make your dream landscape a reality.

Hedge plants like boxwoods should be checked for sunscald in Spring. Prune out brown patches and shape them to your liking.
Hedge plants like boxwoods should be checked for sunscald in Spring. Prune out brown patches and shape them to your liking.

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