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Landscape Drainage Solutions in Minnesota

Landscape drainage solutions, we all enjoy the benefits of a good rainstorm – the air is cleared of pollen and we get a chance to cool down on those hot, muggy summer days. The less beneficial results of precipitation are standing water (and mosquitoes), soil erosion, foundation damage, moldy, wet basements and, of course, kids and pets bringing mud and mess into the home.

Now is the best time to take the first step – contact Landscapes Unlimited about our practical, permanent drainage and erosion solutions. Our soil conservation expert, with over 25 years of lawn care expertise, has developed affordable, lasting solutions for roof runoff and downspout drainage issues that solve the vexing problems of:

  • Standing water in the yard and planting beds
  • Puddles on driveways & walkways
  • Soil erosion
  • Foundation cracking & basement leaks
  • Mosquitoes & other pest infestations
  • Mold, mildew, etc.

Straightforward Landscape Drainage Solutions

Standing Water, Dips & Low Spots

Problem – Wherever there are dips in your yard, water puddles can create a muddy mess, which are breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Solution – Our EZflow® gravel-free alternative to traditional French Drain systems collects surface water, distributing into the subsoil.

Standing Water in Planting Areas

Problem – Excess water can drown your shrubs, flowers and other sensitive plants, wiping out your landscape investment.

Solution – Installing catch basins and atrium grates protects roots systems from rot by drawing water away from garden areas prone to puddling.

Poor Soil Drainage Conditions

Problem – As above, wherever there are low spots in your lawn, or poor slope or soil conditions, and there’s nowhere to send the water, you’ll get puddling and a muddy mess.

Solution – Our Flo-Well® stormwater retention system captures excess water so it can slowly leach into the soil.

Excessive Water from Downspouts

Problem – Without proper drainage excess groundwater around foundation & basement walls can cause damage, letting water inside, damaging your walls, floors & promoting mold & mildew.

Solution – Connecting your downspout to an underground pipe with a built-in catch basin diverts water away from your foundation.

Where land is flat, soils are dense or the water table is high, a well-designed drainage system is a priority. Without proper drainage solutions in place, water may collect to undermine structures and drown expensive plants, turning parts of your new landscape into perpetually wet swamps. This can be the most important issue to a landscape architect due to this potential for damage. Backyard drainage may also be overlooked entirely by a designer poorly trained in grading and drainage.

Do You Have Drainage Problems?

A good designer will analyze the nature of your yard, and may “shoot the grades” to establish the exact topography no matter how flat the site may seem. Spot elevations tell the designer where problems lie so that she can solve them through design.

Groundwater can also play an important role in drainage, and it is directly related to rainfall patterns. In the low lying areas of the South, the water table can be just inches below the surface. Such conditions create all sorts of problems for construction and limit planting options.

Rainfall is the periodic catalyst that sets drainage problems in gear. Where heavy downpours are common, poorly drained sites can become flooded for a short time if drainage structures are in place, or extended periods if they are not. Add heavy rainfall to a high water table and the potential for damage increases exponentially.

Our drainage designers strive to provide you with visibly pleasing, permanent solutions to your drainage problems in a cost-effective manner. We are familiar with stormwater laws and most local municipalities regulations regarding retention ponds and stormwater drainage. All of our products are made from commercial grade materials and many have a lifetime warranty.

Our expertise covers far beyond the common residential drainage problems such as flooding, standing water, stormwater run-off, and soggy lawns. We also specialize in larger projects such as retention ponds, culverts, and negative grade problems.

Drainage issues are often more than just a potential hazard, they often can be harmful to your landscape as well. Proper drainage is important to your lawn and landscape as is proper irrigation. Standing water near plants or in your lawn can cause lawn disease and root disease in many common plants. Some plants and trees can even be killed by excess standing water.

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