Custom Built Pergola Installation

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Custom Built Pergola Installation

We are the custom built pergola installation experts. Pergolas are used to cover walkways, decks & patios, pergolas become an outdoor shelter oasis for your home.  A pergola or arbor adds a unique element of style to your outdoor project. Whether designed with modern flair or to provide showcase design, Landscapes Unlimited can design the pergola or arbor to match your vision. Pergolas provide shelter for seating areas. Rectangular shapes and four-legged structures are characteristic of pergolas. One of the easiest ways you can point out a pergola is by its roof. Typically consisting of horizontal planks of wood, Pergola roofs are most commonly flat and open. Many times, these structures are used in gardens or adjoining homes to create an elegant outdoor setting.

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Custom Built Pergola Installation Let us create your Dream

Whether your patio demands the elegance of a bold stately structure, your garden needs a charming centerpiece, or you’re simply looking to define a space to enjoy the ambiance of a peaceful evening, a pergola may be the answer you’ve been searching for. Landscapes Unlimited offers a solution that will upgrade your home and your lifestyle.

Whether you’re considering a custom-designed oasis or a few simple additions to complete your space, you can count on our experienced team to create a unique plan that showcases your personal style. Browse our website to see the many projects we’ve completed, and call us today to create your perfect

Custom Built Pergola Installation – Our Backyard Landscaping Design will help you Escape to the backyard

These additions are perfect for covering walkways, terraces, or pools. Some customers add the design element to complement their deck, showcase a garage door, or to provide shade to an eating area. Pergolas and arbors are extremely versatile structures to accent your home.


Improving your home is always a good investment. In the current economic environment, people are staying put. Adding to your home’s value is the right thing to do-it positions you well for when the market improves and people start buying again. When the time is right to sell, having an outdoor living space makes your home more marketable than residences that don’t.

Regardless of whether you plan to stay in your home or are looking to sell when the market warms, let Outdoor Living Spaces help increase the value of your home.

We take pride in craftsmanship and honor the satisfaction of our customers.  We want you as a customer and when you become our customer, we do not stop working with you until your project is complete.

We guarantee high-quality construction for each and every project. Check out samples of our recent work, and you’ll agree that we’re the best choice for your home renovation project.

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