Landscapes Unlimited specializes in designing, building and maintaining outdoor spaces that promote fun, healthy living and togetherness for your friends and family. Our comprehensive outdoor sport or recreation services are designed with you in mind, ensuring your home or property is transformed into a place for fun and relaxation.


Whether you are looking to add a full or half court to your home, Landscapes Unlimited qualified team can create a safe and enjoyable space to shoot hoops with your friends or family. We adhere to regulations and safety standards while optimizing the space on your property, to ensure that both players and spectators get the most out of the basketball court. 


We also install court fencing or netting to reduce runaway balls, seating or spectator areas, and can install outdoor court lighting to allow you to play day or night!

Tennis court or Pickleball court installation encompasses court construction, net and equipment setup, line markings and the overall court appearance to guarantee a fun and functional space.

At Landscapes Unlimited, we also offer the additional services to include fencing or netting around the court, seating or benches, outdoor lighting options, as well as softscape design to seamlessly blend the court into your landscaping.

Our putting green services cater to golf enthusiasts with our experienced in-house golf course designers who specializes in designing and installing the optimal putting experience right at your doorstep. 

We ensure that each putting green is expertly crafted to meet your specifications and provide a smooth, true-rolling surface that mimics the conditions of a professional golf course. 

Our team can also blend your putting green into your outdoor landscape with enhancements such as lighting, water elements, outdoor structures or share your vision with our team and let us bring your vision to life!

For homeowners with horses, creating beautiful and useable riding arenas, stables and pastures is essential for the health and safety of their equines and riders. Our dedicated team offers a range of landscaping services specifically designed to create and maintain the ideal environments for horse’s and their well being, including:

  • Pasture & Paddock Management | Creating safe, well-drained spaces for equines to graze, ride and exercise.
  • Riding Arenas |  The design and construction of riding arenas utilizes the highest quality materials to ensure optimal riding conditions.
  • Barn or Stables | The planning and building of a horse barn or stable, takes into consideration the materials, space and aesthetics of your property to ensure a safe and functional addition to your property.
  • Fencing | Every equine-enthusiast knows the proper fencing solution is essential for keeping their horse companions safe and contained. At Landscapes Unlimited, we offer a variety of durable fence solutions for you to choose from.
  • And More | From sustainable and horse-friendly vegetation, to meticulously maintained spaces, Landscapes Unlimited designs, builds and maintains a wide array of horse-focused amenities.

Keep active this winter with the installation of a hockey rink right in your backyard! Our professional team can create a dedicated space for hockey games or practice by setting up, grading, leveling and maintaining your hockey rink throughout the winter. 

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