Pavers vs Asphalt: Which Makes A Better Driveway?

Your driveway is one of the first things a visitor or potential buyer is going to see. It adds to your curb appeal and increases the value of your property.

Whether you’re planning to add a driveway to your home or upgrade an existing one, it makes perfect sense to do some research before making a final decision. Driveways come in various forms and materials, and you need to ensure that your choice suits your budget, aesthetic, and other present and future requirements you may have.

As the leading provider of paving services in Minneapolis, MN, we know that selecting the right kind of driveway is crucial. That said, we’ll walk you through two popular driveway types: pavers vs asphalt. Both offer pros and cons when it comes to durability, aesthetics, affordability, and eco-friendliness.


In terms of cost savings, asphalt is your best bet. A layer of asphalt costs significantly less than an individual paver. In addition, pavers require more time and manpower since each piece is carefully hand placed.

Visual appeal

Asphalt doesn’t have the flexibility of pavers when it comes to design. Although it’s a great choice if you want to be consistent with the ground’s color scheme since asphalt generally comes in dark gray to black shades. However, many homeowners and builders nowadays use asphalt color additives to achieve earth tone shades.

Pavers, on the other hand, come in a range of colors, sizes, textures, and styles. While the extra design phase entails more time and money, the final result is a unique and aesthetically pleasing driveway. The color also lasts a long time and requires minimal maintenance.


Unlike concrete, pavers are resistant to stains and slips. They also retain their visual appeal despite the presence of chips or cracks. Since they’re made of durable materials such as brick or natural stone, they’re less susceptible to chipping.

Asphalt is strong and flexible which makes it perfect for a frequently used driveway. However, it tends to soften and crack when exposed to intense heat. It’s also prone to fading over time.




Asphalt driveways need a layer of seal coat within six months of installation. A fresh coat must also be applied every other year. Applying the seal coat can be done quickly, even overnight.

A downside to pavers is that they tend to become uneven over time. When this happens, simply remove the pavers, regrade the problem area, and replace the uneven units with new ones.


Pavers are produced from all-natural stone or clay which makes them an eco-friendly choice. They’re completely free of harmful chemicals or man-made ingredients.

No other material promotes sustainability and energy efficiency better than asphalt. Research shows that asphalt pavements require about 20% less energy to produce and construct than other pavements. In addition, the material that has been reclaimed in asphalt road maintenance can be recycled into good-as-new pavement. Unlike concrete, expensive removal and rehabilitation is not needed.

Build your dream driveway

Regardless of the material, hardscaping is a part of your yard that can maximize your home’s potential. At Landscape Unlimited, we can build the outdoor space you envision for your family. Our award-winning designers and professional crews deliver high-quality craftsmanship to make your home stand out. From front yard to backyard, pools to patios, stone walls to waterfalls – we’ll provide everything you need to improve the quality of your property.

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