Landscape Maintenance Services in Minneapolis, MN

Landscapes Maintenance

Having a beautiful property isn’t an easy task. After finding the right company to partner with on designing your outdoor space, then you’ll need to maintain all the amazing work that was done, and Minnesota weather does not go easy on your landscaping.  Let us take the hassle from you and handle all the maintenance for you!

Landscapes Unlimited makes sure your landscape is in perfect condition and ready for the harshness of each season. Leave it to us to keep your plants and flowers healthy, irrigated, and pruned. Your trees and shrubs will be well-taken care of and properly shielded from harsh weather elements. Soil will be aerated, fertilized, and ready for new growth.

We remove dead leaves after the fall, remove the snow after winter, and spruce up your garden in the spring and summer. Your property will be ready to host parties and entertain guests all year round.

Our landscape contractors provide:

  • Leaf Removal

    Our maintenance technicians will remove all leaves on your landscaped property and bring back its immaculate look. Equipped with professional-grade equipment, our team does a clean sweep of your entire lawn without damaging the plants, turf, or hardscapes. We also take care of the debris disposal.

  • Pruning

    Keep your landscape in proportion and healthy. Our pruning services prevent overgrowth and maintain the proportions of the softscape. Pruning also encourages healthy growth, keeping your plants dense. In the event of strong winds and heavy rains, pruning helps minimize weak branches and dead leaves scattered on your property.

  • Mulching

    Create an interesting visual impact with our mulching services. The rich color of the mulch contrasts with the bright green color of the plants. Moreover, mulched plants are guarded from temperature spikes and drops. Our mulching services help retain moisture, suppress weed growth, and encourage healthy plant growth.

  • Irrigation

    We install smart irrigation systems that use up to 70% less water than manual watering. Landscapes Unlimited has sprinkler system design consultants who can deliver a fully designed sprinkler system that can adequately water your garden without increasing your water bill.

Landscapes Unlimited will work closely with you to determine your specific maintenance needs. Properties in the Minneapolis region have unique landscaping, with various hardscapes, flowers, shrubs, and grasses. As such, there might be different pruning, mulching, and irrigation requirements. We’ll make the necessary adjustments to keep your lawns in tiptop shape.

Let’s discuss your requirements. Get in touch with Landscapes Unlimited.