Landscaping Design

To create your beautiful landscape, we combine the creativity of our experts and your unique ideas. Landscapes Unlimited will work closely with you to build the outdoor space you envision. From the pool to the flower gardens, we transform the areas around your house into a slice of paradise in the middle of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Discover exactly how we can elevate your outdoor space:

Backyard Design

We customize your backyard to the needs of your family. We designate spaces for everyone by creating paver patios connected by sleek pathways. We build outdoor kitchens and bars, so you can entertain guests and hold the best barbecues in the neighborhood. Then we spice up the space with arbors and pergolas, which you can use as a dining area.

Our landscape contractors can also install a pool, surrounded by gorgeous pavers and illuminated by subtle lighting. We will manage uneven slopes by installing retaining walls and can breathe life into lawns by planting flowers of various textures and colors.

With our custom design, your backyard will be a functional extension of your living space.

Design & Bulid

Front Yard Design

Make your home the most inviting on the block. Populate your front lawns with colorful flowers and clean, healthy turf. Add accent plants that match the façade and pathways that draw the eye to the front door. Our landscape contractors will make the planting selections diverse to incorporate different textures and heights. We’ll also find a place for the plants you want to see in front of your home.

Landscapes Unlimited makes sure that your walk from the driveway to the front door is a pleasant and calming experience.

Garden Design

Your professionally designed garden will elevate the look of your entire property. We’ll work closely with you to put together the garden of your dreams. We’ll consult you on the overall feel, the focal points, and any specific plants you want to see in your garden.

Our contractors play with colors; apart from lush greenery, we inject vibrant hues into the space using flowers, colored leaves, and colored containers. You’ll enjoy looking at diverse textures, from fine, slender herbs to coarse ornamental grasses. Our landscapers also respect scale and proportion, so we won’t use trees that dwarf your property or tiny plants that guests can barely see.

Breathtaking garden design is the hallmark of Landscapes Unlimited.

Patio Design

As an extension of your living space, your new patio will house comfortable furniture and mood lighting to help your family relax. You can also install walkways that connect patios to the rest of your yard.

You can choose from different materials — brick, concrete, or stone — to build a patio that fits seamlessly into the aesthetics of your home. Our stone selections come from all over the globe.. We also install traditional brick, which is ideal for large surfaces. If you want a wide variety of colors and shapes, we recommend concrete pavers; these give you more room for creativity. Whatever design you envision, we deliver.

Let’s discuss the design you want for your home. Get in touch with our landscape contractors today.