Landscaping Enhancements

Your landscape has an incredible impact on how welcoming your home appears. It also improves the value of your property, keeping it competitive in the real estate market.

Improve the appeal of your property by partaking in Landscapes Unlimited’s landscape enhancement service. Whether your outdoor space needs seasonal maintenance or an upgrade in greenery, our experts will identify opportunities to beautify your property and apply these improvements.

The landscape enhancement services we offer include:


Transform your property’s exterior from a dull space into something bursting with color. Our planting services enhance your landscape with the right combination of flowers and plants. Flower and plant installations are a fantastic way to make your house stand out. When you or your guests enter the property, they’ll see a bright, well-maintained, and attractive space.

We understand that each client is different; as such, our team of experts discuss your requirements first before preparing a design plan. Our flowers and plants are sourced from trusted nurseries and suppliers. Our qualified and experienced craftsmen install the greenery, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily activities.



Keep your lawn healthy and vibrant without the chore of hauling a hose around your property. Our lawn irrigation and sprinkler systems save you water and time, helping reduce your water bills.

Our expert sprinkler system design consultants use their vast knowledge to install a system that will meet your budget and desired results. After your approval, we direct the entire installation process, ensuring your sprinkler and irrigation system performs efficiently and lasts for many years.

To obtain maximum benefits from your investment, our team provides training and knowledge transfer so we can teach you how to operate your new system. Contact us for bi-annual service and maintenance to occasionally tune your system.



Illuminate your landscape with elegant lighting features. At Landscapes Unlimited, we install lighting that matches the overall aesthetic of your space, improves the atmosphere, and boosts the security of your outdoor space.

Our team of experienced craftsmen and award-winning designers install energy-efficient lighting fixtures along building entrances, walking paths, and architectural elements. Each project is tailored to each property, ensuring that your lighting makes your property a standout in the neighborhood.


Seasonal Maintenance

Leave the maintenance of your landscape to the professionals so you can focus on other activities. Our spring and fall maintenance service ensures that you’ll continue to love your landscape after the initial installation.

Protect your landscape with spring or fall clean-up, tree and shrub protection, irrigation system maintenance, and lawn care. We bring together a team of landscape experts that create a maintenance plan tailored to your property and needs.


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