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Water features make soothing and dramatic focal points with Ponds, Waterfalls, Fountain Streams

From natural-looking streams to architectural fountains, water features are important focal points in the landscape and some Minneapolis/St. Paul homeowners opting to have more than one.

Some homeowners will put a fountain/bubbler at the front entry to greet guests. Others place water features close to outdoor living spaces or near a fire. Some water features are near swimming pools, hung on garden walls, or are fountainhead sprays hidden in a pool deck. Even the smallest spaces can have a water features. Containers and urns serve quite nicely as self-contained fountains.

Yes, you can build your own bit of paradise with a water garden custom designed to your specific preferences . Each site and each client is unique – take the time to study your site and decide exactly what the design should accomplish. The success of your pond, waterfall, pond-free system, fountain or other water feature relies on site-specific design, project planning, quality component selection and a bit of manual labor. We provide everything you need (except the labor!) for your successful project.

Creating your own pond, waterfall, stream or other water feature is one of the most rewarding home improvements you will ever complete. If you can use a shovel and follow simple directions, you’ll soon be able to enjoy countless hours of peaceful contemplation beside your own water garden.

water-feature-2The owner-built water garden also requires knowledgeable, responsive and professional support during and after the installation of the water garden. I enjoy providing this support to help my customers get started in the wonderful world of water gardening.

Water Features can also be combined with the following:

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