Swimming Pool Design of Minneapolis

Installing a swimming pool presents a number of custom design opportunities to meet your needs. Decisions regarding size, configuration, depth, type of use (lap pools, sport pools, diving pools, etc), equipment, and storage all add up to a new pool specific to you through swimming pool design. Ground One works with you and the pool contractor to make sure you are asking the right questions and getting the right answers for a successful pool installation.

Backyard Swimming Pool Design in Minnesota

A backyard swimming pool design is the ultimate amenity. From families with children spending much of their summers in the water, or some homeowners may see the investment of a pool as a strong aesthetic element. Both opportunities result in the swimming pool becoming the focus of the entire backyard landscape. Today, swimming pool designs include water features, outdoor lighting, and other focal design features, they have powerful influence on adjacent outdoor living spaces and surrounding landscapes.

Because pools are such an investment, it’s important to give a lot of time to design. As and investment, you would hope to only build it once, and therefore your choice of materials and detailing should be of quality and timeless so your pool design will last for years to come. Design within your homes architecture and surroundings, and listen to the experts in pool design, as they will guide you in the proper path for your investment.

The process for building your new backyard swimming pool consists of four phases:

  • Consultation – an Ground one representative will meet with you on site, discussing the goals, expectations and scope of swimming pool project.
  • Schematic Design – after a consultation and agreement of design, our landscape design staff will compile all the field notes into a schematic design, outlaying the opportunities your backyard presents.
  • Final Landscape Design – once the schematic designs have been presented, the notes taken during the presentation a final landscape plan is designed. This final plan, we are able to formulate budgetary numbers for cost of the swimming pool landscape project.
  • Construction – Once the final landscape plan has been approved, expert craftsmen translate the designer’s drawings into your outdoor space.

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